In early 1997 the Munich Thrash Metal band "Hateful Agony" was founded by Matt and Tom,
in autumn'98 after a few line-up changes Michi became the second guitarist.
In spring 99 they went to the No Studio to record some songs, (at this time without a bass player this job takes their "producer" Martin).
A friend took this tape to Andreas Bauer from At War Records (underground metal distribution. R.I.P.) He was so enthusiastic about it that he published the Songs as a regular Demo Tape called Alcoholocaust. In Sep '99 Michi was thrown out because of personal disagreements.
The Demo has done well at all Metal-Magazines; that got a copy of it. After that they played a few live gigs among other things with Tankard.
The remaining three went on alone and started in august 2000 with the recording of their second publication. Because many Labels and Magazines throw away tapes without looking on them, they decided to release "Existence is punishment "as CD.
The band spends half a year in the "No Studios", to appear on the scene again in January 2001 with their new CD.
"Existence is Punishment "got with one exception a very good press.
The band played many concerts (among other things with Armistice, Red to Grey, Blizzard; they also took part successfully in a band contest, they played on the Fistful of Metal Festival and so onů)
In April 2002 they went back to the "No Studios" to record their third album and on 08.08.03 after many troubles their new album "Black Hole" appeared on the Metal Underground.
After the publication of "Black Hole" the band played some great concerts together with Delirium Tremens, Witchburner, Hatred and the American Speed Metal legend Intruder.
Unfortunately there were some personal problems, and therefore Tom and Matt concluded on the 30.08.05 to kick out the bassist Marty. In exchange for him now Sakis, an old friend of the band (Background vocals "Black Hole, Obey") plays the bass.
And finally after all that on the 23.01.06 the new CD "OBEY" was released.
In cause of personal disagreements Sakis left the band on the 22.03.07 .For the next shows Sebi from "Final Injection"will play the bass. Since September 07 Tom2 is playing the bass with us.